Autocratic Decision Making Style

Autocratic Decision Making Style

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Autocratic Decision Making Style


As a leader, your first and foremost focus should be on taking apt decisions at various junctures of your professional career. Whether you choose to execute a democratic decision making style or adopt an autocratic one, depends on your personality as a leader and also on the specific situation that requires decision making. Though you might prefer adopting the democratic approach by involving all the members of your team, at times circumstances may demand taking up the autocratic decision making style on your part.

Autocratic decision making refers to the style in which the leader assumes total control over the problems and decisions, without consulting his team members. In such a style, the employer shoulders the whole encumbrance of the decisions and their consequences and banks on his own experience and acumen for taking the same. The autocratic style obviously has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the advantages include quick decision making, avoiding delay and the complete liability of the leader. Autocratic style proves efficacious in emergency situations as the leader takes command of the situation and there are no scopes for discrepancies in opinions.

The major disadvantage of the autocratic style consists mostly in the apathy on the part of the employees who do not feel motivated enough to carry out the orders of the employer as they are not shouldering any responsibility. Also if the outcome of the decision does not prove favorable or positive, they might harbor a grudge against their leader and might feel that they could have taken a better step. In such cases, the leader tends to lose his integrity in the eyes of his employers.

However, there are certain variations to the above style such as the Autocratic Decision Making with Group Information Input and Group Decision Making with Feedback. In the former, the leader takes the control of the problem, but involves the group to extract data about the cause of the problem and goes on to suggest a solution. In the second variation, the leader, after diagnosing the problem and making the decisions, puts forth his views in front of the other members for review and assessment.

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Autocratic Decision Making Style

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