Decision Making Process In Groups

Decision Making Process In Groups

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Decision Making Process In Groups


Decision making process in groups involves several members with similar or conflicting ideas. The greatest challenge posed in this kind of decision making is to recognize the opinions of each member and finally select one course of action which is the best. There are quite a few models followed during the decision making process in groups. These models help in understanding the effects of the different types of manipulations that occurs during the process of decision making in groups.

The best decision can be derived through the joint effort of the team. In this way anyone's biasness will never become an issue in the decision making process. The first process is to select the expert from among the groups. However, the disadvantage of this method is that the determination of the expert becomes difficult at times. This might also lead to concentration of power. The next process is to find out the gist of the opinions placed by the members of the groups. This enhances participation of the members and most of the times help in eliminating the worst possible idea. However, this is only preferred in the event of any emergency because sometimes it damages the efficiency of the team.

Decision making through the method of group discussion is a popular practice in various industries. Different members of the groups take part in the process and the authority decides on the final result. There is maximum team involvement in this method and hence chances of selecting the right course of action are more. The one disadvantage faced by this method is that, team members may vie for attention from the boss.

The other methods include, arriving at a conclusion with the help of minority, deriving a conclusion through majority vote and reaching an outcome through consensus. When minority decides on the matter, there are equal number of pros and cons. However, this may lack the dedication and the commitment of the team members. In the majority vote technique, the matter is discussed until 51% of the members agree. Decision making through the process of consensus is obviously the best with each member of the group participating in it. This is the most effective of all as it leaves every team member satisfied.

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Decision Making Process In Groups

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