Group Decision Making Exercises

Group Decision Making Exercises

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Group Decision Making Exercises


As a leader of your group, you have a lot of responsibilities to execute and one of these is to build up a good team spirit so as to extract proper decision making abilities from each of your group members. In order to do so, it is imperative that you conduct group decision making exercises in the form of role playing and situational games, whereby each of your team members should have the opportunity to participate in groups and thus be motivated to work together as a team.

There are a lot of games and role plays that you can choose as group decision making exercises. Generally they are in the form of survival strategies or problematic situations, wherein each group has to come up with inputs from each of its members. One of such group decision making exercises is the Lost At Sea. It aims at building the belief that in such survival situations, a consensus arrived at by considering team decisions rather than that of an individual person helps in better decision making. Here, the whole group may be divided into smaller subgroups consisting of 5 to 12 persons and each person should be given two copies of individual worksheet and each subgroup one copy of Lost At Sea group worksheet. The end product of this game, apart from the various decision making exercises, will be to see who are the most influential persons in each subgroup and how each of them have carried out their leadership duties.

A number of survival items are to be mentioned in each of the worksheet given in the exercises and the leader of each subgroup is to see to the fact that all the members arrive at a general consensus as to the hierarchical order in which the items are important. Other such team decision making exercises include Wilderness Survival, Prisoners Dilemma, Plane Crashing Survival Equipments and simple situational problem solving exercises.

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Group Decision Making Exercises

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