Impact Of Decision Support System On Decision Making Process

Impact Of Decision Support System On Decision Making Process

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Impact Of Decision Support System On Decision Making Process


A Decision Support System, or DSS is a piece of software or a computer application that can assist in Decision Making. These systems are designed to make use of data in order to help identify certain problems a business might be experiencing, and to help make the decisions necessary to address and work those problems out.

Some of the benefits that Decision Support Systems bring to the Decision Making process are


  • Can help speed up the process
  • Assists with training and learning
  • Can reduce training costs
  • Can offer new methods or approaches to the process
  • Can help promote discussion and communication
  • Can increase organisational control
  • Can improves efficiency

Decision Support Systems can be used by all sorts of businesses as assistive tools. They help in a variety of circumstances including problem management, data analysis and forecasting situations. For example, a DSS might be required to assist a shopping mall with decisions regarding customer satisfaction, ease of shopping and price appropriateness. A hospital might use a DSS to make decisions on improving performance and strategies and a DSS has even been created to help make decisions in the movie industry. MFG, or Movie Forecast Guru was developed for Hollywood managers to help them make decisions about their movies.

There are many advantages to using a Decision Support System, but it is important to remember that they should be used as part of the Decision Making Process, not as the only factor taken into consideration within it. Successful Decision Making comes from the use of a variety of tools. Reliance on only one tool, such as a Decision Support System, can lead to a less successful result.

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Impact Of Decision Support System On Decision Making Process

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