Tips For Collaborative Decision Making

Tips For Collaborative Decision Making

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Tips For Collaborative Decision Making


Collaborative decision making is an effort to arrive at a decision collaboratively along with the other team mates. It is aimed at improving the quality of the decision taken through increased information exchange and interaction among the different members of a team or group.

As a result of collaborative decision making, teams come up with innovative, comprehensive and diverse ideas that consider and support the needs of all or a majority of the team members.

Most decisions made by us are based on our beliefs. People usually make decisions based on a set of information that they have gathered, which is screened through some internal criteria set by them. The common beliefs and tacit objectives of the team members help them in recognizing these criteria and this facilitates a more reliable decision making.

Here are some useful tips for collaborative decision making.

The team must develop a clear understanding of the team decision making process and its outcome in order to be able to supports collaborative decision making that would incorporate the team beliefs, needs of all the team members, their values and their internal criteria. The team must learn to move forward in a way that supports the entire group working together, based on personal criteria.

There are certain facilitative questions that can help teammates and customers collaborate in the decision making process such as:

  • What new things do I need to learn or perform in order to enable us all to participate in the collaborative decision making process.
  • How can I participate in the collaborative decision making process while ensuring that the individual values of all the members are considered.
  • What is the means to ensure that everyone’s opinion is heard and need understood?

Collaboration decision making occurs successfully only when everyone is heard and the personal ideas and values of every team member contributes to the decision making process.

Tips For Collaborative Decision Making