Womens Role In Family Decision Making

Womens Role In Family Decision Making

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Womens Role In Family Decision Making


With the changing outlook of the society towards women and her role in various activities both inside and outside the family system, the traditional, male chauvinistic role of the father as one to possess the best decision making ability in the family has also undergone drastic transformation. Women, in most part of the world today are no longer compelled to be under the garb of veils and are coming out in the open, shouldering responsibilities in various kinds of decision making and standing at par with men at every tread.

This attitude was a thought completely undreamt of four or five decades back when the men of the family were the sole bread earners and the only person involved in the role of any sort of decision making. The women, on the other hand, were meant to bear the encumbrance of childbirth and rearing and bringing up children along with the responsibility of looking after the home front and the myriad needs of the husband. Education has contributed to a great extent in opening up wide spheres of knowledge both for men and women, whereby people's superstitions regarding the women as the weaker sex has encountered a considerable change. Women are no longer confined to the four walls of the house and take active role in the family decision making, whether it is finances, or earning money, running the household or making decision about the future of her children.

Studies have revealed an increasing number of cases where the role of women in the family decision making is primary or at least shared equally with the men. Their role in controlling family finances and making decision as to where the various expenses should be incurred has come to the forefront with researches depicting 37 per cent men dealing with the same individually, 28 per cent with their wives and 30 per cent solely controlled by women.

Another direction to the role of women in the family decision making process has been lent by the role of parenting children. Unlike days of yore, when rearing up children was the duty of the mother, as the male members were busy outside, today, with women taking active part in the professional genre, fathers are taking equal interest in the family and molding their child's life.

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Womens Role In Family Decision Making

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