Blessing Vs Happiness

Blessing Vs Happiness

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Blessing Vs Happiness
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Blessing Vs Happiness


Blessing and happiness are two different terms that have a phenomenal importance in human life. No one can live without blessing and happiness. Blessing and happiness need come to a person at the same time but both are important in a person’s life.

A blessing can be defined as an act of giving approval. It is in fact a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection for the person whom you have just blessed. Right from birth to the different stages of growing up, we seek blessings of God as well as those of the elders in our family. There are certain occasions like marriages in church or the ceremony following the birth of a child in which we invite all our family, friends and acquaintances to come and shower us with their blessings.

Happiness is the state of wellbeing and is characterized by emotions ranging from contentment and a deep sense of pleasure to intense joy. It is the emotion experienced by a person when he is in a state of wellbeing.

The secret to happiness lies in prayerfully counting the blessings that you have been bestowed with and in thanking God for everything that he has given you. Many of the people tend to get frustrated and curse God when they are going through a bad phase in their life. Instead, whenever we are facing a lot of obstacles and having a bad time, we must take a few minutes out to interact and connect with God. We must thank God for all the blessings that he has bestowed on us. This will give you immense inner strength and make you think in a positive direction instead of focusing on things that make you unhappy.

Blessing Vs Happiness