Does Money Bring Happiness

Does Money Bring Happiness

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Does Money Bring Happiness


Would having more money make you happier as a person? There are many arguments to suggest that it would. Numerous problems and stresses come from having too little money. Money can buy us the things that we associate being happy with, such as a holiday, tickets to a game or a trip to a spa. Money can help us achieve goals, like a good education for our kids or the ability to improve our skills at something we enjoy, a sport or a hobby perhaps. However, studies consistently seem to show that money and happiness do not have an overly strong connection, and that other factors such as relationships and outlook have a much greater bearing on a persons overall happiness.

There are several suggested reasons as to why money does not bring happiness.

Money can be isolating. Take someone who has just won the lottery. Sudden accumulation of money can lead to distrust in the intentions of others. More money means they can move to a better neighborhood, but this isolates them from the people they know. Many people who suddenly come across money find themselves lonely and depressed for reasons such as these.

Money can lead to boredom. Easy acquisition of the things that we desire reduces their value to us. Take two little boys who both want the same bicycle. One has saved all his pocket money for the past six months to buy it. The other only decided yesterday that he wanted the bicycle and was given the money immediately. The happiness brought about by obtaining the bike would be far greater for the boy who had saved is pocket money.

Happiness achieved through money and material gain is only short lived. Many people overestimate how much pleasure they will get from a material object. They think having it will make them happy, but these feelings of happiness will be short lived. Studies show long term happiness is gained from other factors such as relationships and a positive approach and outlook.

So with these factors taken into consideration, it would appear that money does not necessarily bring happiness, in the long term at least. But research also shows that happy people are more capable of achieving their goals, both personally and in the workplace. This ability to achieve might well lead to greater career success and a better salary. So whilst money may not bring happiness, happiness might help bring money!

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Does Money Bring Happiness

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