Ego Impairment Refractory Depression

Ego Impairment Refractory Depression

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Ego Impairment Refractory Depression
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Ego Impairment Refractory Depression


All human beings live with an illusion of individual existence or ego. They have a strong sense of individual existence which alienates them from the rest of the aspects of creation. As a result, human being are filled with an over powering feeling of self sustenance wherein they tend to fight for themselves.

Everything that we do is dictated by our ego and the end result of the effort ranges from paranoia to a supreme feeling of achievement.

However, when external or internal forces impair the development of ego then it results in many direct and indirect impacts. Among the direct impacts is the development of an immediate depressive reaction. The self perpetuating nature of depression is very dangerous. A depressed ego, having become sick of the desperate existence, remains on a constant lookout for opportunities to resurface. It may even manifest itself in the form of egoistic suicidal tendency.

Ego Impairment Refractory Depression is a type of major depressive disorder and is quite a dangerous form of depressive disorder. Unfortunately, Ego Impairment Refractory Depression does not respond to typical modes of treatment, such as psychotherapy or the common prescribed antidepressants or other traditional forms of treatment which involve electroconvulsive therapy. As a result extensive research has been conducted in this field to device new techniques to treat Ego Impairment Refractory Depression. New technology such as trans-cranial magnetic stimulation is being explored as a safer alternative. Treatment of Ego Impairment Refractory Depression may also involve techniques like vagus nerve stimulation but the possibility to practice this technique in human beings is yet being researched.

Ego Impairment' Refractory Depression