People Take Different Roads Seeking Fulfillment And Happiness

People Take Different Roads Seeking Fulfillment And Happiness

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People Take Different Roads Seeking Fulfillment And Happiness


These words, originally from the Dalai Lama, and echoed by best selling American author of "Life's Little Instruction Book" H. Jackson Brown, Jr., instruct us to recognise that although we may be seeking the same thing - happiness, we must appreciate that people take different ways in order to find it. The rest of the quote reminds us that “just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost"

Some people might use their religion and faith as a vehicle to bring them happiness and fulfilment. Within this group, different religions and interpretations of those religions offer numerous paths to a happy and fulfilled state. They might be prayer or meditation, evangelizing or taking care of others.

Others may find that the relationships in their lives are the key to happiness. These relationships provide them with security, peace and fulfilment, whether with family, friends or other acquaintances.

Happiness is closely linked to achievement. People achieve in different ways every day, whether it is becoming an Olympian, building a school or passing an exam. The sense of accomplishment is a great factor in the road to fulfilment and happiness.

Although the road to fulfilment and happiness may vary for different people, there is one unifying factor we appreciate; that a road to happiness does exist. Whatever it is that we actively seek out in order to provide us with happiness and fulfilment, we acknowledge that happiness is not something that simply happens by its own accord, it is the result of, or reaction to something else, whether faith, friendship or success. Therefore it is important that we are tolerant of the roads other people take, even if they are wildly different to our own. It is all too easy to assume that because something has worked for you, then it is the answer for someone else, but this is not necessarily the case. There is much to be taken from the above quote, and one of its leading lessons is one of open-mindedness and acceptance.

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People Take Different Roads Seeking Fulfillment And Happiness

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