How Can You Tell If Someone Has Low Self Esteem

How Can You Tell If Someone Has Low Self Esteem

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How Can You Tell If Someone Has Low Self Esteem


Low self esteem is quite easy to detect if you know how to look for certain signs. Some of them are physical, some reactionary and some relate to the ways in which they conduct themselves. Some of the most common signs of low self esteem are as follows.

  • The inability to look someone else straight in the eye: If someone has low self esteem, they avoid confrontation and contact with others. This does not just refer to confrontation as a form of disagreement or argument, but in terms of direct communication as well.
  • Looking down at the ground rather than around when walking or standing still: We have all heard of the expression "eyes cast down in shame" and this a very telling sign that someone is suffering from low self esteem.
  • Listlessness and doing actions with a lack of energy: Such as walking in a way that suggests no real destination or doing things without a sense of purpose.
  • Inability to accept compliment from others: Because people lacking in self esteem are unable to see themselves as achieving anything worth complimenting, they cannot easily accept praise from others.
  • Critical of others: Low self esteem can often lead to sufferers being very critical towards others. This is sometimes done in an attempt to make them feel better about their own perceived inadequacies, or because they are seeing things in a negative light.
  • Able to give criticism but unable to receive it: Low self esteem can make people overly sensitive to comments made about them, and therefore over interpret and over react.

If you suspect that someone has low self esteem, or feel that you yourself are suffering, then compare the above list and see if any of the symptoms add up. As with anything, it is important not to isolate any of the above to conclude low self esteem, but to see if a number of the signs are present. Once low self esteem has been recognized, many techniques and activities are on offer to improve it.

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How Can You Tell If Someone Has Low Self Esteem

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